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HCH is a powerful tool that helps someone find the root/s of why they have a negative reaction to something or someone in their current life, where and how an addiction began, or what memories could be contributing to emotional or physical pain.  The process involves: (1.) Getting into a state of relaxed concentration; (2.) Focusing on the physical or emotional stress you are currently experiencing; (3.) Using that to "go back in time" to memories that may have influenced how you currently feel; (4.) Expressing the feelings you experienced at the time of the memories, that perhaps were not fully released and so have contained a negative emotional charge; (5.) Having a Corrective Experience that involves using the "Wise, Strong, Compassionate Part" of yourself to help heal the Part of you that has carried the emotional or physcial weight or pain. For more information about HCH, go to www.wellness-institute.org. 

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