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Our bodies retain the emotional charge leftover from past stressors and trauma, resulting in blockages in energy in the body and mind.  While it is never easy to go back to painful memories, without intentionally "going back in time" to release that negative charge, the energy persists and can be something that interferes with us experiencing peace, confidence and freedom.  It is even believed that this can be an important factor in some pain conditions.  

The good news is that you can go back to those memories without a painful "re-live" of that memory via HMR.  HMR is a very gentle, non-traumatizing way of "going back in time" to any memories that seem to interfere with you feeling calm and confident, and releasing the emotional charge that is still present.  It helps people gain access to "frozen" feelings the bodymind carries as a result of a trauma, reframe the memories, and then release the negative energy that was connected to them.  For more information about HMR, go to www.healingdimensions.com.

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