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How many times have you gone on a diet and lost weight, only to gain it back again?  How often do you find yourself eating mindlessly, not really knowing why you are eating, but not being able to stop? In what ways do you ignore what your body really needs just to satisfy what your appetite wants? What food is it you crave that you think you should give up, but you panic when you consider doing that? Really, what does food mean to you emotionally?  What negative, critical self-talk do you use when you think about your body? How often do you say, "I have to go on a diet.  If I could just lose this weight, everything would be ok?"

But that is easier said than done, isn't it!  First, a lot of foods today contain chemicals and hormones that can actually disrupt your body's metabolic system, making it easier to gain weight.  Second, the stressfulness of life today can raise Cortisol levels and signal your body to stay in the fight, flight or freeze mode, prompting your body to hold on to weight. Third, we live in a culture of fast-foods and "super-sizeing," and many people today have lost a realistic picture of what is a healthy amount to eat. Fourth, the Hollywood picture of beauty creates unrealistic standards that so many try and fail to live up to, and then feel like a failure.  

The list goes on as to why it is difficult to maintain a healthy weight, but probably one of the most important reasons is that at some point in life, many people began to associate various feelings with food...feeling loved and nurtured, being accepted and befriended, or having control. Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying food and associating "feel good" emotions about it unless food becomes a major way you feel loved, comforted or protected. When that happens, staying at a healthy weight can become quite a challenge. Then the desire to be attractive and happy can become characterized by "yo-yo" dieting, mindless eating, and being disconnected from what the body truly needs.  

If you are interested in doing any of the following, please call me:  

     * Make peace with food
     * Learn how to feel confident no matter what size you are
     * Calm the critic within
     * Be happy with yourself despite the number on the scale
     * Stop being a slave to your cravings
     * Lose weight on a journey towards health
     * End the "Diet" cycle

Call 847-781-1407 or email [email protected] for more information or to schedule an appointment.  


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