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You deserve to feel good about yourself, your life, and about your future.

But when was the last time you actually felt that way? 

How long have you struggled with anxiety and worry? What trauma happened in your life that left you with feelings of fear, shame and powerlessness? When did you start doubting yourself?  Where did life get off track for you?

Lots of people have a negative voice inside their head that tells them, "You're not enough," or "You're not good enough," or "There's something wrong with you," or even, "It's all your fault." So, what is the voice inside your head telling you about you?

Let me say it again...

You deserve to feel good about yourself, your life, and about your future.

You might find this hard to believe, but you can learn how to find the aspect of yourself  -  sometimes called the Adult Ally or the SELF, who is wise, strong, and compassionate, and to put it in charge of your life so that:  

     * You are happier and more confidant.

     * You are more likely to say, "Yes," to healthy relationships and, "No," to unhealthy ones.

     * You make better decisions on behalf of yourself.

     * You respond to yourself with acceptance and encouragement rather than self criticism.

     * You live life with greater passion & purpose rather than out of obligation and people-pleasing.          

It's been my privilege to help many people make positive changes in their lives over the past 32 years. So, if you are tired of staying stuck in old patterns of thoughts and behaviors, exhausted from trying to please everyone, and unsure what direction to take for your life, contact me today in the space below, or call me at 480-603-5360.   

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